Nocturna the Torchic

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Nocturna the Torchic

Post  Kodiak on Fri Jul 18, 2008 10:57 am

b]Name: Nocturna
Age: 2 months
Evolution: torchic - combusken - blaziken
Gender: Male
Main Color: pic
Secondary Color: pic
Extra: nope
Marking: none
Accesories: none
Scars: none
Type: fire
History: Nocturna was born at a pokemon breeder's house. He is only a baby right now, but wants to learn how to fight and battle other pokemon.
Personality: A very mischievious torchic. He often gets into trouble, and when he sneezes fir ecome out of his beak.
Travel Companion:none, lives at the breeders house right now until and owner adopts him[/b]

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